Jim Howard was born and grew up in the Fort Worth, Texas area. At age 18, Jim, following his dream of becoming a police officer, joined the Air Force Reserves to be a part of their Security Forces. At 21, Jim then joined the Norfolk Police Department.

Over the next 26 years, Jim played several roles in the Norfolk Police Department, including Vice and Narcotics Investigator, Crisis Negotiation Trainer and Supervisor, General Instructor, Y2K compliant Project Manager, working his last two years as a Patrol Sergeant.

Jim retired in 2001 where he later spent time doing worldwide security operations analysis and executive protection at the World Bank in Washington DC. In late 2002 Jim brought his family to Florida where he spent the next four years working with a public safety software company which eventually led him back as a detective for the Belleair Police Department. Leaving Belleair in January 2017, Jim is currently serving as an auxiliary police officer with the Port Richey Police Department.  Jim is also currently an adjunct instructor for St. Pete College - instructing legal, crime scene to courtroom classes and lead firearms instructor.  Jim started working with churches in 2006, educating them on how not to be a soft target and is now a safety consultant for Generations Christian Church in Trinity, Florida.  Jim currently holds the position of the Executive Director of Trinity Security Allies working with churches across the United States in training them on how to protect their congregations.


Wendy Howard is the Outreach Manager for Tampa Bay Security Allies and has a very successful history of making events happen.  As the former Executive Director of the Florida Alliance for Choices in Education, Wendy brought all leadership from Florida’s many school choice options together to work towards a common goal that would best serve Florida families. During this time, Wendy also served on the Southwest Florida Virtual Charter School Board and the Bay Area Charter Foundation Board, and was responsible for grassroots organizing as the Florida Chapter Chair for the National Coalition for Public School Options. Wendy also served as vice president on their national board based in Washington D.C.

In the last year, working with other non-profits, Wendy helped put together a successful event called “Celebrate Youth” that educated parents on what school options their children can access to help their child reach their God-given talents.  This event has been recognized by National School Choice as the model for all other school choice events across the United States.  Wendy is working on a safety conference for churches this year in Trinity that will be used as the model for Tampa Bay Security Allies to become a common household name in the security corporate world.   

Wendy lives in Trinity, Florida with her husband Jim and two daughters, Jessica 16 and Jaycee 11. In any spare time, she enjoys date night with her husband and playing chauffeur to the girls. 


​Working the streets on the Norfolk Police Department we had to quickly acquire that sixth sense that told you something was just not right. Quick and precise decisions had to be made to make sure you could get out of a situation without getting hurt or worse.  These situations sometimes would require you to go hands-on; however, the best results were deescalating the situation to end it with a peaceful solution.  Our primary function with the Crisis Negotiation Team was to take a situation where a person had come to the end of their rope and talk them out of the terrible decision they were about to make.  We needed to find a way to give them a little hope or divert their attention long enough where the right people could move in place to end the situation.  This type of training taught us to be able to think on our feet and attempt to slow down the process to acquire the positive results that allowed everyone to go home that night. 

In Executive Protection using situational awareness, we learned to identify possible threats near our detail and quickly move away from the circumstances.  Our observations for specific warning signs gave us time to assess a situation and react by moving our principle to a safe area.

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Most of the time police respond to calls to handle the situation, military is given orders to go in and do whatever is necessary to remove the threat.  Tampa Bay Security Allies is here to teach you how to develop that sixth sense to move away from dangerous situations.  With common sense training, you will be able to spot issues in your workplace, at a shopping mall, walking down the street or even worshiping at your church.