We are excited to have the opportunity to offer our clients our NEW Discretionary Response Firearms Simulator Training!

Firearms Simulator Training provides affordable, alternative training solutions for law enforcement agencies worldwide. Our portable discretionary response firearms simulator, offered through Laser Shot, employs cutting-edge technology to fill any agency’s firearms training needs.  The simulator training offers unique solutions that enable progressive training from realistic laser-based engagements to ultra-realistic live-fire exercises. The simulator’s system leverages the latest technological advancements and ensures the most realistic simulation training experience possible.

Our portable discretionary response firearms simulator is available to businesses, churches, schools, and groups interested in providing training opportunities to their personnel or membership. The training offered through this unique experience may make the critical difference during a confrontation with an armed assailant. Anyone who is aware of the real threats to our safety, in this troubled society, should consider taking advantage of this discretionary response simulator training.

Here are just a few of the advantages of offering simulator training to your personnel:

  • Simulator training provides practical training in a virtual environment before we are faced with a threat and we are unprepared. 
  • Simulators provide immediate feedback opportunities for both the participant and instructor to master basic weapon fundamentals like grouping, zeroing, practice and qualification prior to going to the range for live fire exercises.  
  • Laser Shot's SimRange is a training system that provides progressive and repetitious "crawl/walk/run" training without posing environmental or safety restrictions.  
  • SimRange addresses emergent threats and current marksmanship concerns with proven simulator technology that directly supports the transfer of skills to improve individual results.

Our simulator training provides advanced level training opportunities with dynamic virtual targeting or interactive scenarios to develop additional skills.


JTS - Judgmental Training Software

Judgmental Training Software (JTS) improves effective judgmental training using high definition interactive simulation scenarios. These scenarios are created from anticipated threats or previous real-world situations that resulted in officer or soldier fatalities. Students can interact with threatening opponents on the screen in office environments to assess threats and react to active shooter situations. Leaders can evaluate student performance with comprehensive AAR features within JTS and coach based on current engagement policies.

Training scenarios can be generated from an existing library or customized to address immerging threats and specific training requirements. Training will challenge individuals’ decision-making skills and reaction times to potential threats they may encounter. Laser Shot’s live-fire hit detection technology provides the most realistic opportunity to train, like drawing from the holstered position or taking cover as needed dependent on the threat presented in the scenario.

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Certified Firearms Training

In a world that seems to get more dangerous every day a little forethought can go a long way in defending yourself and your family.  We teach not only Firearm Safety but when and how to use a firearm.  Our courses are designed and developed by experts and our trainers are certified by the State of Florida, NRA, and USCCA as instructors.   We help you learn the basics and hone your shooting skills, from marksmanship and shooting techniques to firearm safety, be the best shooter you can be by enrolling in our firearm training course.  


Home Firearm Safety Courses

Take charge of your family's safety and get the basic knowledge and skills to safely handle or store firearms and ammunition in your home.  

Pistol Courses

We offer a variety of pistol training courses, including basics of pistol shooting, defensive training, reloading, and concealed carry training.

Personal Protection Courses

Learn how to protect yourself and your family both in and out of your home with concealed carry focus training and personal protection training courses.  

Class Schedule

If you are interested in one of our classes or would like to schedule Simulator Training please fill out the form below or visit our Facebook Page for our events.