Our goal is to educate you on how to identify warning signs so you may safely remove yourself from violent situations. Whether you are at work, at  home or out with your family, we are here to help.


In December 2015, OSHA distributed a document “Preventing Workplace Violence: A Road Map for Healthcare Facilities” In this document it stated that “From 2011 to 2013, U.S. healthcare workers suffered 15,000 to 20,000 workplace-violence-related injuries ev­ery year that required time away from work for treatment and recovery (i.e., serious injuries). Healthcare accounts for nearly as many injuries as all other industries combined. Violence is a more common source of injury in healthcare than in other industries. From 2011 to 2013, assaults constituted 10–11 percent of serious workplace injuries in healthcare, compared with 3 percent among the private sector as a whole.​"
As an employer at a health care facility the question must be asked, are you prepared?


Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Umpqua Community College and Ohio State University...  we have seen too many news reports of violence on our school campuses.  When are we going to stop talking about schools being gun free zones and allow trained teachers or counselors the tools to protect our most precious treasures?  We allow trained professionals with guns to protect the White House, capitals and movie stars around the country, but continue to allow our schools to be gun free zones with no way to stop a violent attack.  Does your school have a plan of action if there is a violent intruder on your campus?  When was the last time you practiced that plan of action?  There needs to be a new plan of action to guarantee the parents that their children are safe against such violent attacks.


Statistics show that yearly 2 million American workers will be victims of workplace violence with customer client violence second in the list of types of violence. As a sales professional are you operating at condition white or as I like to say "without a clue"?   Are you aware of your surroundings or do you have a C’est La Vie attitude?  When you meet with a new client, do you advise the office of your meeting place and location?  Does your office use a software package on your phone to show them where you are while you are at work?  Do you know what physical signs to look for when you meet a potential client for the first time?


August of 2015, head chef at P.F. Chang, Elivelton Dias, was stabbed to death by an employee during the dinner rush.  In Chicago, Tranesha Palms was shot and killed at her Old Navy job by her ex-boyfriend.  Most fast food restaurants and retail stores hire young people to work the counter and sales floor which also puts them at a greater risk.  Workplace violence doesn’t have to just be employees against employees, but also includes suspects in robberies or angry customers where an argument gets violent.  It is important to understand that workplace violence can happen anywhere including restaurants and retail stores.  Employees have a right to feel safe at their place of business.  Do you feel safe in your place of employment?  These are topics employees need to be talking about with their employers, asking the question “is there a plan”?


We believe in a common sense approach that with a little training will help you avoid those types of situations that make the front page news.  We feel that easy to learn, common sense strategies through O.A.R. - Observe, Assess, and React - you will be able to slow down, contain, and minimize an event of violence whether it be in your workplace, at a shopping mall, walking down the street or even worshiping at your church.